Are you calling God a liar?

If you claim you have no sin, you are calling God a liar

If we claim we have no sin, we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth. But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.  If we claim we have not sinned, we are calling God a liar  and showing that his word has no place in our hearts (1 John 1:8-10)

  • A strange twist of this false doctrine can arise in any group who believes they are walking in all the truth of Jesus Christ so purely that they don’t expect to sin anymore. This false doctrine often appears as overly severe harsh judgment of Christians who are caught in sin. Sometimes referred to as one-and-done. This is the error of the Pharisees. It is the opposite of Jesus Christ’s instruction for treating believers who have sinned (Galatians 6:1).
  • As a stunning repudiation of this false doctrine, please read the history of the children of Israel in the Hebrew Scriptures (Romans 15:4, 1 Corinthians 10:6). They had fallen human natures just like you and me. Yet, they fell into sin, suffered the consequences, cried out to God, were rescued, walked in the right way for a while before becoming proud and stubborn, and repeated the cycle all over again. That’s life! Deal with it.

If you reject eternal life, you are calling God a liar

Since we believe human testimony, surely we can believe the greater testimony that comes from God. And God has testified about his Son. All who believe in the Son of God know in their hearts that this testimony is true.  Those who don’t believe this are actually calling God a liar because they don’t believe what God has testified about his Son. 
     And this is what God has testified:  He has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have God’s Son does not have life.  (1 John 5:9-12)

  • As in 1 John 1:10, if you reject eternal life by rejecting that you are a sinner and need a savior, then you are rejecting the entire message of the Bible and calling God a liar.
  • As a corollary, If you reject the concept of eternal life (also called the security of the believer) by believing that you can lose your salvation, you are rejecting the message of the Bible and calling God a liar.

If you reject Jesus Christ, you are calling God a liar

The one who comes from above is above all; the one who is from the earth belongs to the earth, and speaks as one from the earth. The one who comes from heaven is above all. He testifies to what he has seen and heard, but no one accepts his testimony.  Whoever has accepted it has certified that God is truthful.  For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit. The Father loves the Son and has placed everything in his hands.  Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.  (John 3:31-36)

  • Please notice the contrast in v.36, the believer already hath everlasting life as a current possession. The unbeliever does not have eternal life now, and cannot ever even see it. If you have rejected the free gift of eternal life that is offered by Jesus Christ to whosoever will, then make no mistake, you are calling God a liar.

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