Where does the world in decline find you? Are you ready to search for the truth of God and walk in it, or have you been cast adrift to your own inventions? Please consider these studies of thousands of years old texts. These aren’t experimental philosophies and popular fads that will be disproved and fall by the wayside. These contain truths that people have successfully implemented in their lives for many generations.

living_gods_formula_rest_iconGod’s Formula for Rest
In His word, the Bible, God has given His children a formula for rest. However, too often, we misunderstand the formula and like in the examples above, are not happy with the results. In this study we are going to examine God”s formula for rest in its three steps in an effort to obtain the desired end results.

Would You Like to Have a Happy Marriage?
If someone offered you a guaranteed happy marriage for $1,000, would you be willing to pay that much for it? How about $5,000? $10,000? Well the truth is that it’s going to cost you a whole lot more than that. In fact, a really happy marriage is going to cost you everything you have! Is it worth that much to you?

Help For Hurting Homes
This worksheet is for those who are honestly interested in having a Christian marriage that is both happy and God glorifying. Lack of honesty with yourself and toward God will doom any effort to heal your home.

The Truth Shall Make You Free
The human tendency is to think that if we have failed God and He is thus displeased with us, then God’s love for us has diminished also. This may be a human trait at times but it is not a divine one. Sin in all its ugliness, does obstruct a child of God’s fellowship with our Lord and it inhibits our opportunities to be used by Him and to glorify Him, but it does not lessen His love for us as His blood bought and washed children.

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage — A Biblical Perspective
Our prayer in this series of studies was to know the mind of God or the attitude of God toward marriage, divorce and re-marriage. The focus of our study was to understand what allowance God has made for those who are the “victims” in a situation where their partner has been guilty of sexual immorality or where their partner has abandoned them. Our desire was to first allow the scripture to indicate God’s original intent in the marriage. Second, to understand what allowance God, in his mercy, has granted those whose spouse has not followed God’s original intent relevant to marriage.

Bible study on the Christian Family
Sometimes people think if they simply ignore God’s laws, they will not be accountable and God will not enact the penalties. People only try this in the spiritual realm. They know they cannot close their eyes and walk into busy traffic without injury or death. Yet, some expect good in their lives and may seem puzzled or even angry when it does not happen even though they have been living contrary to God’s spiritual laws.

living_civilization_home_wreckers_iconCivilization & Co., Homewreckers
This material was penned many years ago by a devoted Christian minister. Though old in origin, it is up to date in practical fact and application. It is well worth reading, considering and applying again today in our modern society.
living_rock_music_moves_people_iconRock and Roll Music Moves People
Even a casual observer will have to conclude that music alone, without the assistance of lyrics, does affect mankind. And, that different styles of music affect mankind in different ways. Anthems stir us to pride and duty. They make soldiers serve willingly in the cause of their country. Dixieland sets our hands clapping and our feet tapping. Hymns make us reflective and appeal to the higher senses of God and spirit. What does Rock and Roll do to man? What has Rock and Roll done to man?

Are You Really A Promise Keeper
Greetings from a man who has walked in your shoes. I attended the Boulder ‘93 PK Conference. I was a counselor at the conference in Denton, Texas and then attended the conference at Texas Stadium. I have been to several Leadership Seminars and rallies. I will not hesitate to say that I had a blast. There were many things that troubled me about the whole movement, but I was on such an emotional high that I refused to investigate those stirrings.

Sexual Abuse Survivors
Sexual abuse is probably the most harmful crime that can be committed. The victims often carry deep mental and emotional scars. This study is an effort to help those who have been so terribly abused to find the relief and rest that only a personal and loving God can give.