The Twisted Scriptures by Carl Ketcherside

The Twisted Scriptures by Carl KetchersideThe Twisted Scriptures by W. Carl Ketcherside (Kindle) (Online)

This is a book of protest! Its author is deeply opposed to the division of God’s family over human opinions and deductions from the sacred scriptures. He holds that any use of the written word to defeat the purpose of the Living Word is abuse and misuse, and can only come by twisting the divine revelation.

In the book you will be treated to a candid and careful examination of passages which have been used to sanction, condone or justify fragmentation of the Body of Christ by religious partisans. The plea for unity of all believers in Christ upon the basis of trust in Him as the Son of God and the Lord of life runs like a thread throughout the volume. The exposition of the sacred scriptures will appeal to you by its sincerity and simplicity, as well as by its lack of sectarian manipulation. Biblical truths will become evident to your mind and God will be glorified in your heart.

  1. The Twisted Scriptures
  2. Except They Be Agreed
  3. Another Gospel
  4. Gospel and Doctrine
  5. Conformity or Diversity
  6. Contrary to the Doctrine
  7. Withdraw Yourselves
  8. Walking in the Light
  9. Receive Him Not
  10. The One Faith
  11. The Great Problem

We are members of the same body. We are branches of the same Vine. We are sheep of the same flock. We are children of the same Father. No one will ever herd me into a corral where I must set at nought or boorishly treat some of my brothers to be recognized and used by a group of others. I value the Lord and His love too highly. The price one pays for factionalism is too great. The Christ whom I serve is not a party chieftain but Lord of the whole church. He is not the president of a faction but the head of the whole body–every member of it!

UPDATE: Not everything in this book is in 100% agreement with other studies on this website, but that’s the point isn’t it. Carl apparently disagrees on fundamental Bible doctrines of water baptism and eternal security, but those subjects are not the focus of this book. If the Lord has accepted him with imperfect beliefs, just as he as accepted us with our imperfect beliefs, then who are we to make a division over those beliefs.

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