El Roi – “The God Who Sees”

El Roi, the God who sees, watches our struggles, searches our hearts, cares about us, and rewards those who seek Him with pure hearts

The name El Roi, meaning “The God Who Sees,” is a powerful reminder of God’s omnipresence and omniscience. This name is first introduced in Genesis 16:13-14, where Hagar, Sarai’s maidservant, encounters God in the wilderness. In her moment of despair and isolation, she discovers a profound truth about God’s nature—that He sees and cares for her. This Bible study will Continue reading El Roi – “The God Who Sees”

From everlasting to everlasting, God exists outside of time

As we meditate on God's eternal nature, let it inspire us to live with an eternal focus find comfort in His unchanging character, and continually offer our heartfelt worship and praise to the One who is from everlasting to everlasting.

The concept of God existing outside of time from everlasting to everlasting is an important theological truth with practical implications for our understanding of His nature and our relationship with Him. The Bible provides numerous passages that affirm God’s eternal nature, such as Psalm 103:17, Psalm 106:48, Psalm 41:13, 1 Chronicles 16:36, Psalm 90:2, Nehemiah 9:5, 1 Chronicles 29:10, and Continue reading From everlasting to everlasting, God exists outside of time

The best psalms to read when you are afraid

Best psalms to read when afraid

I encourage you to read these psalms when you are afraid because they affirm that God is both sovereign and intimately involved in believers’ lives. As their protector, provider, and Savior, He assures them of His constant presence. They are encouraged to trust in His power and promises, knowing that God’s unfailing love and care will guard them through trials Continue reading The best psalms to read when you are afraid

Giving your best to the Lord

Giving our best to the LORD involves more than just material offerings; it encompasses the full devotion of our hearts and lives to God.

In our walk with Christ, we are called to give nothing less than our best to the Lord. This means giving our first fruits, our talents, and our readiness to His service. Let’s delve into the Scriptures to explore the significance of this giving and how it shapes our faith and discipleship. 1. Sacrifice the First Fruits to God The Continue reading Giving your best to the Lord

Guidelines for Rebuking Sin

Guidelines for rebuking sin like Jesus with hope and compassion to guide people back to the principles of love, justice, and mercy

Learning from examples of Jesus rebuking sin The way Jesus addressed sin offers profound lessons for Christians on rebuking sin both within themselves and in their communities. His approach combines uncompromising truth with deep compassion, providing a model that balances justice with grace. Here are some key lessons: Compassion is Central: Jesus always engaged with sinners from a place of Continue reading Guidelines for Rebuking Sin